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"the best compliment is a glowing review"
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real patient review

"Galena is in a league of her own. I went to her shortly after I had a bad experience with a filler. She completely restored my faith that filler can be natural looking and beautiful. Everything about the way Galena works is professional, tranquil and spot on perfect. She hands you a mirror so you can get on the same page as to what you want to achieve. Then when she starts to inject she lets you know what to expect and I swear it doesn't hurt at all with her. Throughout the process she lets you look so she can get your feedback. I've never had a mark or bruise with her ever once.
I think with Galena she really thinks of everything. She puts herself in the patients shoes and makes the experience as perfect as can be. She's very present, grounded and you get her full attention. I truly cannot recommend her enough. She's one of a kind."

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